Irene Lozano has done it again. The president of the CSD called this morning the presidents of LaLiga and the Federation in her office and it has made them sign a code of conduct, one of the agreements that were made in the Viana pact. Thebes and Rubiales have signed a document in which they commit, among other things, to “resolve conflicts amicably”, which opens the door to withdraw the dozens of lawsuits that have been filed.

Further, the code states that both should practice dialogue “sincere, honest and constructive, in the interaction of the different actors, at all levels of their organizations, in joint decision-making, and in the processes that require collaboration between the parties. “The document also encourages them to” generate trust among the sector's institutions. the basis of a climate of collaboration between the different actors. This is essential in Spain to, at the same time, strengthen the international reputation of our sport, a responsibility of all, which can only be undertaken with joint effort. “

The code consists of seven points that both Thebes and Rubiales, who seem to have parked their old quarrels thanks to the mediation of Irene Lozano, have signed and also contemplates that it must “become aware of the exemplary nature of managers and managers, in coherence with the positive values ​​of sport. These are reflected in concrete and real behaviors that inspire society, especially young generations of managers and leaders of the administration of sports institutions or companies, both public and private. “

The document concludes: “The adherence to this Code of Conduct implies the acceptance of its seven ethical pillars and the unequivocal commitment to execute it within the signatory entities or institutions through its rules and effective mechanisms that guarantee its compliance”, and signed by Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales together with the president of the CSD, Irene Lozano.