Rubi has appeared this Friday in what he hopes will be his last press conference of the season at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos. His team will play next Sunday (8:00 p.m.) for direct promotion in Leganés, where there will be four thousand fans from Almeria. The ‘rojiblanco’ coach appreciates the support of his fans and hopes that his pupils will have the peace of mind that they did not show against Alcorcón.

Mazazo against Alcorcón: “We faced the game well. It was an unexpected situation, in quotes, but the message has always been one of balance, not euphoria. I see the team very prepared for Sunday. I have met with the 28 players. Normally it is not done like that, but it We have done to go to the heart, to the head to see how they are doing. I think they are very good. The team got into a vortex of restlessness with which it is difficult to play, we did not know how to turn the situation around, we did not enter from the outside , we were not vertical… On a technical level we had a bad day. The players had a terrible time”,

Shield/Flag Almeria

Psychological week: “We have focused on recovering our level, the other day we did not know how to handle the game in terms of nervousness. I have told the players that we have 80 points, the season is extraordinary. If we are capable of learning, the normal thing is that we do not happen again. Learning is fundamental. If we give our level, we make it very difficult for the rival”.

Hobby: “The only ones who failed on Sunday were us, nobody else. Luckily, receptions like on Sunday we’ve been having for weeks. They take us by storm, that didn’t affect us. Every rojiblanco heart in Butarque is going to help us. It could be a special day and pretty”.

Next rival: “I don’t care about Leganés’ casualties. They come out with eleven, they want to win like they did in Ponferrada. There are no advantages. Extra-motivation seems normal to me, any team wants to win. What I don’t like is losing time from minute one, protesting. .. That’s plenty. Any team wants to win, I repeat. We did it last year in Gijón, Espanyol added a point the other day in Granada, which was relegated…”.

Challenge: “If this business didn’t motivate us, why would I get into this sport? Whoever is scared for this, should be in football. 23 out of 27 combinations give us promotion. I wanted to be champion, but today It makes me just as happy to climb from first or second. We have to go to win and forget about the other results”.