Although there are still three quarters of competition left In Almería it begins to give the feeling that this year the promotion does not escape his team, which has started the season like a shot and is leader after playing matchday 11, something that had only happened 18 years ago. Never before had any Almería won more than seven games after playing eleven, with Rubi’s also presenting himself as the top scorer both globally and away from home, taking a look at the fifteen rojiblancos that previously served in the silver category.

Coat of Arms / Flag Almería

Almería has already achieved 22 units, coming from those seven victories and a draw, with 21 goals in favor and a dozen against. The current speed would project the indálico team to 84 points, a figure that would mean the direct ascent. Only Javi Gracia’s Almería and that of Casuco in 03-04 had achieved more points to date, specifically 23, but none in the history of the rojiblanca had scored 21 goals in favor after eleven rounds. In favor of Casuco is that he had not yet lost and the eight goals against, the best figure in that sense. Yes indeed, Gracia’s was not a leader like the current one, who has already tried the first position three times, something that Pedro Emanuel achieved in 2019 (first, sixth and seventh date), while Gomes was in the third and Casuco only in that eleventh.

As far as local condition is concerned, the best, analyzed eleven global days, is that of Gracia, with 16 points, Although he had already performed six times in the Mediterranean for five in the current Almería. He improves on goals in favor of that of 2019 (three), 2013 (one), 2007 (three), 2006 (two) and 2005 (three). As an outsider, Rubi also presents some of the best figures, with nine points, only surpassed by Gomes last season (twelve, after four wins and two losses). That of Rubi, yes, is the one that has materialized the most targets, with a dozen, while that of Gomes, with five, and that of Casuco, in 2003, with two, fit less far from the Mediterranean and Juan Rojas, respectively. “The leadership now is an anecdote”, said Rubi after winning the first day in Cartagena; yesterday, two months later, he asked to assess what his team is doing. The numbers for the moment prove him right.

Juan Villar goes through the operating room

One of the worst news last night was the injury of Juan Villar, who could not finish the game. The Huelva, who played his first minutes in Éibar (two) after his serious preseason injury, had more than half an hour yesterday, but in overtime he suffered a dislocation in his left shoulder. After being treated by the club’s medical services at the Mediterranean Games Stadium, he was transferred to the Virgen del Mar Hospital to undergo different tests. After the corresponding evaluations, it was decided that the player was anesthetized and went to the operating room to reduce the dislocation. In the hospital they were, along with Juan Villar, his wife and the two doctors of the club, Diego Portugal and Jesús Dueñas. He was discharged at midnight. For its part, Babic and Samu Costa, who left replaced by different annoyances, evolve favorably.