It was not unusual to think that with the new board, Jordi Roura and Aureli Altimira would lose their position at the Barça club. Mainly, because Joan Laporta’s project had other names to lead grassroots football. The protagonists themselves also admitted it. “We have already experienced this situation several times, we already know how the club works. This time it was a bit strange because in mid-May we have a meeting with the people who had just entered and they confirm that they are delighted with our work and they ratify the year that we have left on our contract. And in mid-June we met with Vice President Yuste and he told us that they did not count on us. In my case, it is true that they offer me to continue with other conditions, but we are all older and I do not accept it ”, explained Roura. “I don’t know what happened, the reasons… I understand that everyone should place their people, but it was all very Kafkaesque. Many things come to us, something strange happened for sure, but I’m not very interested either, ”he insisted.

Roura himself understood that it was “a more political decision than a sporting one. Luckily now you can see that the result of our work, that we have done things well ”. And he was always clear that he did not want to continue if Aureli did not. “We have been together for a long time, I listen to the approach that they make me, but I did not want to continue without him.”

Altimira, for his part, commented that he recognized that “it tastes bad because we close the squads, the signings too. Alexanco gave us powers to finish closing everything because he was counting on us ”. And he added: “It hurts not to see how they make their debut, or the players who now reach the first team. It tastes bad not to experience it in the first person ”.