Cádiz will host a very special event this Wednesday. The Cajasol Foundation, in the framework of the ‘Reunions with sport’ proposes a topic of undoubted interest; ‘The Spanish language in football’. A round table of which they will be part Vicente Jimenez, director of As, Alfredo Relaño, honorary president of As, Santiago Segurola, columnist for El País and As y Jorge Valdanor, former player and currently soccer commentator. The event will begin at 8.30 pm at the Cajasol Foundation, in the Plaza de San Antonio 14 in Cádiz. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

There are many resources and nooks and crannies that Spanish offers in football and that is transmitted through the medias. Made phrases, neologisms, style books specific to each medium, epic, bellicose language … many questions that Jiménez, Relaño, Segurola and Valdano will try to clarify. Cajasol deserves a very special mention for its enormous effort to make this emblematic forum possible.


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