In the world of Heart we know him as the husband of the actress Amaia Salamanca or the ex of Eugenia Martinez de Irujobut at the business level Rosauro Varus He has a more than consolidated career. The Andalusian-born executive has just been appointed vice-president of Movistar Plus+ and, therefore, leaves behind the vice-presidency of Grupo Prisa.

Varo descends from an important family of doctors in Seville, but knows what it means to make a living. At the age of 17, with money lent to his parents, he set up his first business: Motocopas, a company that delivered bottles to homes.

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“We opened cocktail bars because when you start so young it is difficult to get into another type of business that you do not know, but very soon we diversified,” he said a few years ago in an interview with ABC. And he put his knowledge into practice. After Motocopas, Vendors of Illusions was born, a company focused on the exploitation of hospitality businesses.

Between ventures, he managed to finish his law degree and was building his business future that reached its culmination with PepePhone, the telephone company he had founded with javier hidalgo. In 2016, it sold its 45% to Másmovil and obtained 158 million euros.

Today he is the president of Gat Inversiones, a holding company that manages assets for more than 100 million euros in the financial, technology, tourism, leisure, hospitality, telecommunications and construction sectors, with the focus always on the development of innovation and research. It was in mid-2017 when Rosauro entered the Vector company through GAT, to which 250 VTCs in Barcelona are attributed. In April 2019, he sold his 2,000 VTC licenses to Cabify, becoming one of the main shareholders of the transport platform. Finally, he left the transport sector and became a director and vice president of Grupo Prisa, a position he is resigning now. Varo was also a director of The Spanish. In May 2021, he joined the board of Acciona Energía and is a member of the board of directors of the Círculo de Empresarios del Sur de España (Cesur). In addition, he is a member of the advisory board of Telefónica Spain.

Apart from his impeccable resume, those who know him closely describe him as “detailer-oriented, family-oriented, highly educated, intelligent and with an extraordinary practical sense”. Likewise, they baptize him as “the soul of the party, he attracts everyone, sociable, romantic and affectionate, very hermetic with the press, unlike with his friends”. The businessman has three children together with Amaia Salamanca, Olivianine years old, Nachoseven, and Mateo, six. They met more than ten years ago at a party in Ibiza and, since then, they have not separated.