The one who was sister-in-law Dew Sworn has been humiliated again by the father of her children after the statements of Martha Amayashowgirl of La más grande, affirming that he had an affair with Amador Mohedano when he was still married to rose benedict. The Mediaset talk show host used social networks to respond to the singer: “This lady really likes married men.”

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And it is that Amaya already went to another television channel a few years ago to recount her extramarital adventures with a certain Salvador: “A woman married to Junco who had a little affair with Amador is both unfaithful, right? Or is it just Amador “And nobody called her “she-wolf”? Rosa has written, who received such a qualification from Carlos Ferrando, a great friend of the Jury. And she remembers: “This lady who sat on a set to say that she had ” something with her” and now it turns out she had it with her brother. By the way, you were married to Junco. Did you cheat on him? And her daughter (Rocío Carrasco) did not sue her … how strange everything, “she said.

Amador, for his part, is very upset with the issue. Amaya reported that they were together for a while and that they saw each other in her office. “Yesterday was embarrassing. Jorge Javier goes to the air of him and what he does is turn the interview into a Deluxe”, said the former manager in The reason. “On stage she was and is very good, but she already commented on something about this a few years ago and I was stunned. She said a lot of barbarities, and now searching because they have released this, but come on, not at all… I found myself with her sister, Remedios Amaya, at Paco de Lucía’s funeral, and she told me not to blame what her sister said”.