The player of the Real
Valladolid, Roque
Table, has indicated this Thursday, in a telematic press conference, that “advancing the lines has been good” and considers that “it has to be the way to follow, playing with courage and pressing”, as they have shown in recent games.

The Canarian midfielder has once again been recognized as the best player on the team, in this case, for the month of March, which is “a source of pride and joy”, since that means that he is doing “things well”, although important is that the team also keep that good work.

“The only thing that matters is getting as many points as possible and achieving salvation, regardless of the individual aspect,” reiterated Roque, who has chosen “not to speak” of the last match against Barcelona, ​​to avoid possible sanctions. In this sense, questioned by the red card to Oscar Plano
, who will not be able to play against Granada this Sunday, has pointed out that “everyone saw how it was”, but did not want to add anything else “because one heats up and then there are consequences,” he warned.

The 5-3-2 played by Real Valladolid in that match at the Camp Nou “is a good alternative, which went well the other day”, since they put the rival on the ropes, but the team also competes at a good level with 4-4-2, which broadens the range of options against Granada.

Precisely, regarding the Andalusian team, he clarified: “When another game is played during the week, one is attended to more than the other and they are in a good moment in Europe, which they will want to maintain. Perhaps we can take advantage of that situation, but this is First and although they play today, they will go to by all the Sunday and we cannot lower the guard “, has analyzed.

As he explained, “the team is focused on getting the objective forward, because there is a very good group, committed and wanting to maintain the category”.

“We have had bad moments and we have continued fighting and looking forward thanks to the good atmosphere and the commitment that exists. This has allowed us to overcome the Covid, injuries, cards or goals in the last minutes of the game. We are a pineapple and in the face of adversity, we grow “, he specified.

In the locker room no accounts are made for salvation

He is aware that there are only nine rounds left to play, but the team “does not make accounts”, but “only thinks about the next commitment, which, in this case, is against Granada”, to “get the three points as it is and to be able to add more distance with respect to the zone of descent “.

Finally, he has admitted that having four yellow cards in his locker is something he has “in mind” and that “it is also agreed with the coaching staff”, because he knows that “there are many casualties in the team in the center of the field “and, therefore, he thinks about it before playing it and puts the brakes on the melee.


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