Last Tuesday, the Parc des Princes received Ronaldinho with a standing ovation before facing Leipzig. The former PSG player, already retired from the pitch, was the guest of honor of the Parisian team to witness the Champions League match. Today, at Le Parisien, The Brazilian star has given an interview in which he has assured that Mbappé will be the Ballon d’Or one day.

Ronaldinho's photo

Messi and Neymar: “They are friends. We play together. This is not an idol or fan story. It is a story of friends, and I would even say very good friends. Whenever I have the opportunity to be with them, I do it, because it is a very special moment ”.

If I had had a bigger career had I not partied: “No! I am completely happy with everything that has happened to me. God gave me a lot. I am lucky to have experienced very happy things. So I don’t change anything ”.

His comparisons with Neymar: “No, I don’t like comparisons. Everyone has their own moment. We have all been through difficult times. But I think everyone in Brazil knows that he is the best player right now. Only, when things are not going well, it is more difficult for him. Because he is the greatest. When things don’t go well, there is a lot more pressure on him ”.

About Messi: “When I arrived in Barcelona (2003), there was already talk of a fantastic young man like Messi. And later, when we trained together, I saw his quality. In each game and in each training session we saw that it was different. It was a pleasure watching him do it. He became a true friend to me. I am very happy to see you at the club where I started in Europe. It is something that I did not think about in my life. He was sure that his career at Barcelona would end. And, for me, it was a surprise. As I like PSG, it was a good surprise, but I never thought I would see him with another shirt that was not the Barcelona one ”.

Mbappé: “I think one day it will be the Ballon d’Or. He is very young, but he already has a great career. I don’t have a favorite for this year ”.

If PSG can win the Champions League: “Yes, it is also possible. It is a team that can score goals at any time. When you have great players like that, it’s hard not to imagine that it could happen. It only takes a little time for the game to arrive. They have to get used to playing together. It is normal in football ”.