Rodrigo Rato and his family have deposited in a columbarium the urn with the cremated remains of mary of angels this Saturday in Majorca. The sister of the former vice president of the Government died tragically at the age of 80 last Monday after choking while eating in a restaurant in Madrid.

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After meeting at the cremation of his mortal remains in the crematorium of La Almudena (Madrid) last Wednesday, the Ratos have held a Catholic and private ceremony to say goodbye to Mani, as they called him in his closest environment, in the city where he lived. as it counts OK Dailyvery emotional moments were lived with the speech of one of the grandchildren of the deceased.

The funeral was attended, among other members of the Rato family, by the three sons of the former Minister of Economy during the Aznar government: Rodrigo, the room y Well. His current wife has also been present, Alice Gonzalezand his niece Patricia Rato together with her husband, javier moro, with whom he married last September.

The former president of Bankia, who at 73 years old still has pending legal proceedings, is left ‘orphaned’ by his brothers. In 2012, Rodrigo mourned the loss of Ramón, his older brother, who died after suffering a heart attack. Ramón, the father of Patricia Rato, the ex of Spartacus.