Undoubtedly, Rodrigo Hernandez will be the great protagonist of the tie between the Atletico Madrid and the Manchester City. Right now the player wants to focus on what is going to happen on the pitch, which is why he decided to decline any type of interview at this time. That is why from MD we wanted to speak with the last coach that he had in the mattress quarry, it is about Armando de la Morenaa person who today continues to maintain a close friendship with the footballer.

Armando assessed how this new stage of Rodrigo Hernandez on England. “He is delighted there. It is growing a lot. for the football Guardiola He is in a lot of contact with the ball, and then he gives a lot of balance to the team both in the defensive and offensive phases. He is even scoring more goals every day. In the Premier It is at an impressive level, ”he told MD.

A new phase of his life in which he is being key Pep Guardiola. A coach who, in the opinion of of the brunette “It is helping him in certain aspects of his football. He was already a player who had a break but it is helping him to have a little more. He is a coach who likes to work individually on each player. If he is seeing more doors every day, it may be because of his teachings. He learns from all coaches but Guardiola is a TOP coach”.

A coach who, in addition to having spent 17 years in the quarry of the Atletico Madrid He was a mattress partner long before he entered as a coach. That is why it especially hurts him that he made the decision to leave the rojiblanco team. “As an athlete that I am, it’s a shame but you have to understand it. comes the Manchester City with a great economic and sporting offer, and the player decides to make that decision. In professional football there are times when things like this happen, many times it is separated from the feeling. Rodri He is from a lifelong athletic family and we know his feelings”.

It is true that it was not the first time that he left the Atletico Madrid. He already did it in juveniles when he left for Villarreal. “I didn’t understand it, I took it the wrong way. He was a player with conditions and I think that the club bet on him, but in the Villarreal bet higher. I think it hasn’t turned out badly for him, today he is a top-level player, he is a starter in the City and very habitually in the Spanish Selection. He is at a top level”, he explained.

Armando He met him in youth and was clear that “he was going to become a professional footballer. That was clear to him because he was a very serious player, focused, sacrificed on a day-to-day basis, he had the concerns of a player who wants to go far. Now, professional football is very broad and I didn’t know how far I could go, but of course I’m very happy with his career. Now that he can’t give us joy with Atlético, let’s see if he gives us joy in the World Cup with Spain”.

Armando de la Morena during his time in the Atlético de Madrid academy.

Armando de la Morena during his time in the Atlético de Madrid academy.


This time the coach will see the Manchester City-Atletico Madrid from home, although he usually travels with the team in Champions this time he has decided to stay home. A tie that he hopes will be “very close. I think it will be decided by small details. The weight of the match is clearly going to be carried by the Cityand I think that can benefit you at certain times when Athletes. That yes, if he is in a good moment City you can suffer a lot. The truth is that I really want the game to come”.

At the moment Armando de la Morena is without a team, after a few weeks ago he separated for personal reasons from Mono Burgos with whom he was second in Newell’s Old Boys. Waiting for a new football adventure to appear, he works at his modernization academy Dribling with several locations in Madrid.


Armando de la Morena, second coach of Mono Burgos at Newells Old Boys

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