Rodolfo Sancho He is experiencing the worst moment of his life after his son’s imprisonment in Thailand, Daniel Sanchowho confessed to having murdered and dismembered the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta. The protagonist of Isabel y The Ministry of Time returns to the screens with a new series, in which he will share a cast with Miguel Bernardeauthe son of Ana Duato.

Sancho, as he advances The vanguard, will be part of the cast of the series about Zorro prepared by Prime Video in collaboration with Secuoya Studios. It is scheduled to be released during the first half of 2024, so the fiction, which is called Zorro, will arrive on the platform in a few months. It can also be seen on TVE. Daniel Sancho’s father will take on the role of the villain of the series, the governor that the protagonist faces.

The signings of Aitana’s ex were already confirmed, who will step into the shoes of the historical protagonist, Diego de la Vega. The Mexican Renata Notniknown for The Dragon y The Revenge of the Juanaswill step into the shoes of Lolita Márquez, Zorro’s youthful love.

The news comes in the midst of controversy over the entry into prison of Sancho Gracia’s grandson. The investigation continues in the Asian country. Rodolfo traveled to Koh Samui a few weeks ago to visit his son for the first time in prison. After three visits, the actor returned to Fuerteventura, where he lives with his wife, also an actress. Xenia Tostadoand the eight-year-old daughter they have in common, Jimena. Daniel’s mother, Silvia BronchalOr, stay close to your child.