A 15-year-old girl named Rocio Flores was sentenced in 2012 for assaulting her mother, Rocio Carrascowhen he was still living with her. Years later, the sentence was disseminated in different media. The debate in this regard intensified as a result of the broadcast of her mother’s docuseries, which started in March 2021.

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The daughter of Antonio David Flores took legal action against different media and also against those responsible for La Fábrica de la Tele, Adrian Madrid y Oscar Cornejo. It is the producer of Save methe docuseries and other Telecinco programs, such as socialite.

She sued the latter for disseminating the sentence in a “biased and manipulated” manner with the aim, according to her, of “generating hatred.” However, the lawsuit has been admitted for processing, according to what she has advanced Federico Jimenez Losantos in your program. It has been in the Provincial Court of Madrid where he has achieved his purpose after in the court of first instance number 38 of Madrid they did not see signs of criminality. Those responsible for the production company, finally, will have to sit in court.

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There are also judicial developments regarding Rocío Carrasco and Olga Moreno. On the one hand, a lawsuit filed by the former against the latter for statements she made in a Deluxe of 2019. On the other hand, the daughter of The greatest is waiting for the resolution of another battle that has been pending against her since 2016.