Rocío Carrasco asks 2023 for a respite from the Supreme Court

The daughter of Rocio Jurado already has a date for the next appointment in the Supreme Court. On January 26, the Civil Chamber will meet to vote for or against the appeal that Rocio Carrasco filed after two unfavorable sentences for her in one of her battles against Olga Moreno. If that day they agree with the Sevillian again, the case will be closed definitively and the daughter of La Más Grande will be sentenced to pay high legal costs. A very unhappy way to start 2023, of course.

The lawsuit dates back to 2016, due to statements that Olga Moreno gave exclusively to the magazine Lectures. As we said, the Justice has sided with the businesswoman up to two times and on January 26, according to deska third could do it, which would mean the end of the cause.

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It would also be the second time that Olga defeated Rocío Carrasco in the Courts, since on November 25 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Moreno due to another lawsuit that Rocío filed against her, in this case due to an interview she gave in 2018. to the magazine Week. Despite Carrasco’s appeals, the judge saw no violation of Rocío’s right to honor or personal and family privacy in Olga’s statements and ordered the former, by final judgment, to pay legal costs (about 50,000 euros). .

Rocío Carrasco insists that she trusts the Justice, but the truth is that both lawsuits are very similar and their course is also: two favorable sentences for Olga and a resolution in the Supreme Court also in her favor. It explained: “Ruling. That I dismiss the claim filed by Ms. Rocío Carrasco Mohedano against Ms. Olga Moreno Obrero and the entity RBA Revistas SL and I must and do acquit the defendants of all the motions filed against them and all with express imposition of the costs caused to the plaintiff”. And she added: “Freedom of expression / information prevails, especially if it is about characters with public projection (…) Having participated in society chronicle programs, their life and opinions must be classified as of general interest.”

However, the judicial battle between Rocío Carrasco and Olga Moreno will not end on January 26, as there is still one more lawsuit pending: the one that Fidel Albiac’s wife filed against the winner of survivors for an interview at the Deluxe in 2019. Requests compensation for moral damages of 150,000 euros.