Roberto Martinez has gone through the microphones of 'El Larguero' by Cadena SER to talk before the start Eurocup.

Eurocup: “I don't see a favorite. It sounds like a cliché. The format does not give you any reference. Belgium was seeded in the draw. There are going to be many surprises. The Eurocup is the strongest competition in the world.”

France: “The squads are very strong and how you adapt and take the concept of a team. France has high-level matches. There is only one favorite which is England who can play six out of seven home games.”

De Bruyne: “He had a fracture. We have the green light for him to participate. We have three games in 11 days, but we have to give him a proper introduction.”

Squad of Belgium: “The perfect situation is that De Bruyne, Hazard and Witsel were 100%. They have a human quality that is an example.”

Witsel: “It is fundamental because it cannot be replaced, even if there is one who has a similar role. It is like a medical miracle. The way he has worked in the last six days he is in a group routine.”

Hazard: “Eden is very important. His leadership is clear. There is a group of captains who know how to set the atmosphere. With Hazard at a great level he gives us a lot. We can use him in the best way in the matches that we have in 11 days. He represents the illusion of the costumes. Change the rhythm of this selection. “

Carrasco: “He has that capacity to overflow and he is in a great moment. You see him calmly and maturely. In the last two games we have advanced him and he has shown the great energy of the last months in LaLiga”.

Rivals: “Russia brings us what they do in the big tournaments. We all remember the matches against Spain and Croatia. The field factor is important and will add value.”

Expectation to win: “There is a lot of illusion. This team unites a country with three official languages. There is a generation that carries this illusion.”

Vaccinated: “Not all of them. We follow a public health program that is on a waiting list. The players follow a specialized point. 75% were vaccinated about 11 days ago.”

Spain: “I always see her well, with affection and with what she has done in the past. When she has won a tournament it means a lot and commands respect. The result against Germany was eye-opening.”

Spain is worse without Ramos: “Only the coach can answer. Coaches have to make decisions that are often not popular.”

Referee: “It does not sound the same in Europe as in LaLiga”.


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