The call-up of Robert Sánchez with the senior team in Spain has left smiles in Rochdale, on the outskirts of Manchester. The English third division club, current bottom of the category, had Robert Sánchez among its ranks last season when he was on loan from Brighton. Upon hearing the news of his call, his coach Brian Barry-Murphy recalled the best moments with him: “I could write you a book about Robert. We always thought he was crazy,” he explained.

And he added: “He is very rogue, he has his own rules, he sleeps a lot, he skips training sometimes, he complains about the state of the grass because the truth is that our fields are very bad … But now seriously, he was the most popular footballer among our fans because he spent many hours with them, he spent time with everyone. He's my daughter's favorite player! “

Also, about his qualities as a goalkeeper, Barry-Murphy said the following about Robert Sánchez: “He is an exceptionally talented goalkeeper who can do many things that most goalkeepers cannot because of natural talent. It is totally different from everything you have had in Spain as goalkeepers. He looks like a basketball player, he can pick up all the centers you can imagine and he has a confidence that is not normal for a player of his age. “