Project defense. “This group has shown that it is capable of winning there. These days I have insisted to the players that their strength for the last three years was the group, mainly the players, who are the ones who win on the pitch. Of course, they must all do it together; We are not a team with the individual goal of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Atlético, but with the collective to help us all and pitch in. Of course we can win at the Camp Nou. Anything that is getting points there is positive ”.

Will Luis Milla be there? “He has completed all the training sessions for the week with the group.”

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

Barcelona is not going through its best moment. “Anything can happen, from the next team paying for it to a few games being extended. A draw would be horrible for them, and it can be done, like winning. If as a coach I didn't think that I could win every game, I would dedicate myself to something else ”.

What can be the keys? “Defend together, not in a specific area but with the same idea in high pressure or retracted; helping each other to avoid one-on-one situations in which the level of the Barça players adds difficulty; take advantage of the free space with the ball for his intention to press high; and the stopped ball, key even though it has not yet given anything to the team ”.

Did you also experience difficult moments during your time with Barcelona? “I experienced situations of greater difficulty with the National Team. I want us to enjoy the game at the Camp Nou, it is very beautiful and we always like to play it regardless of the result. It is a game to have fun and have fun, this is a sport and if you achieve that you do everything much better and it is easier to reach the goal. For me it is very exciting, because I am a member of Barça and I was born next door, but now I am from Granada to death and if I can put five I will put them in. I am a professional and while I am here, Granada will be the club of my life. And when I leave too, thanks ”.

Granada won last season at the Camp Nou. “On three occasions they scored two goals and of the nine they received, only one was scored. I would be happy to do it in every game. Of course it is a benchmark match and being the same group shows that it can be achieved. Not even adding, but giving the image of the second half against Betis is good for the growth of the group and generating confidence in performance. My task is to carry out an in-depth analysis of the matches to enhance the things that are done well by explaining to the players, who are the first interested parties, to increase their performance ”.

How do you see the group? “He is obviously annoyed, because nobody likes to leave with the feeling of the other day against Betis for the defeat after having dominated a European team as he did in the second half, taking the ball from him for many minutes when he is the one who more possession has of LaLiga. I am very confident in the work we are doing, in the signals that the players send and the belief in what we ask of them. I have no doubt that the results will come, and we hope it will be soon even if it takes a little longer. We are insistent in our work to enhance the virtues and try to be right on the doorstep ”.

Your situation as a coach. “When I see in the eyes of my players that they do not believe in what I ask of them, I will be the one to resign and go home. I do this because I like it, because I am passionate about it; I'm not here to wear medals. I trust to death in all the members of the club and that should be my speech. The pessimists, that they continue being it but that they keep it because they do not help us; what helps is to push towards the goal and to encourage, and that is what I try to do every day ”.

Club trust. “They knew the coach they were signing and that there would be a process because things don't change from one day to the next. The only thing the club asked of me was salvation, and, call me a fool, but I don't want to settle for that alone. Both Patricia (Rodríguez, counselor), Pep (Boada, sports director) and Sofía (Yang, counselor representing the property) and the president from China (Rentao Yi) give me total confidence because they see us work and know that the results will to get”.

Improvement in the team. “I really liked the high pressure of the team; Betis tried to start short several times and could not do it at any time and we recovered many balls. I really liked the whole series of progression actions from behind with long or short sides and arriving on the wing. I really liked the defensive block and the distance between the lines, in which we had to improve clearly and it was achieved. I also really liked the set pieces, although we have room for improvement, especially in terms of positioning in the throw-ins. I liked everything in general; the goal was a soccer action. In the past season goals were conceded to be relegated, but it was very efficient at the offensive level and now we are working to improve at the defensive level and not take any relegation risks ”.

Two games in three days against Barcelona and Real Sociedad. “I have a large squad with two players per position and everyone has to be important and participate. When I say that I count on everyone, it is not a way of speaking, I am not a hypocrite; is what I'm going to try, because it's how I feel. We have good players in all positions to do two competitive 'eleven', although then there are the states of form and those who are worse must be helped on the field ”.

Whistles to some players during the match against Betis. “The whistles do not help, you have to support each other to get the best version of the players, although the public is sovereign and must express their discontent. I'd rather be whistled than the players, even though I don't like it either. All the players defend the Granada shirt with enthusiasm and interest and when we are annoyed it is better to unite as the public did in the second half, which left me very happy, and applaud those who do not do well because they are the first interested in improving ”.