Rivaldo, FC Barcelona legend and Betfair ambassador, He replied to Griezmann after the Frenchman affirmed that in France he is playing in his position. The declarations of the Barcelona forward were interpreted as a response to Koeman for occupying in Barcelona a space in which field that is not where he performs best.

“Griezmann's problem at Barcelona I don't think it's that he's not up to the task or that he's playing in the wrong position, which is what Griezmann himself seems to think. The problem is, you need more self-confidence. He only needs that, to believe it, to have confidence to prove his quality at the Camp Nou, “insisted the Brazilian.

“” In France he is adapted with the same coach and system for many years, yes, but at Atlético it took time and then he became the star for several seasons. So he only needs that, assimilate and believe that at Barcelona it does not have to be differentwho can play wherever he wants and show that he is very good on any team, “praised the Betfair ambassador.

“If Messi plays it is because Messi wants to”

Leo Messi, like Griezmann, was the protagonist of international commitments. In the case of the Argentine, it could mean extra wear due to the great distances he has had to travel. There is debate about whether or not you should rest. Rivaldo believes that yes, the best thing is for the '10' to take a break, but he is clear that in the end it will only be Messi's decision.

“The decision is more up to Messi than anyone else. Because if Messi wants to play, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise“The Brazilian said resoundingly.” It is a matter that should be discussed between Messi, Koeman and the medical team, but I think that, as it happened to me, he will want to play, “predicted Rivaldo using his own experience.

“At such an early stage of the season it is necessary to avoid untimely injuries that can be foreseen with some measures, such as starting as a substitute, for example. But I doubt that Messi wants to start on the bench, because he likes to always be on the grass“, Rivaldo insisted, like Messi, one of the few players who has won the Ballon d'Or.

“The pay cut could create problems in the workforce”

On the extra-sports side, the Betfair ambassador was concerned about the reports that advance that Barcelona will make wage cuts among all its employees, including footballers. “I don't think it's a decision that will have many fans among the players. Because you sign a contract and what you hope will be fulfilled. Full. So a new cut will not make many friends in the template“, Rivaldo said sincerely.” I have doubts that now the footballers accept it, “added Rivaldo.” But we know that times are hard, so we will have to wait and see what happens, but if the cut goes forward, it could generate problems within the template “, argued the Betfair ambassador.

This week Neymar has made headlines for the controversial refereeing of the match between Brazil and Peru. The former FC Barcelona striker and now at PSG was accused of taking a penalty that resulted in one of the four Brazilian goals. Rivaldo, however, defends Neymar. “His bad reputation haunts him. Actions like this happen in all the games and nobody says anything, but as Neymar is, there is already controversy“complained the Betfair ambassador.

“I am very angry that they accuse him again, because Neymar is playing marvelously, with brilliant football again. If he has even surpassed Ronaldo Nazario as the second highest scorer in the history of Brazil only behind Pelé …“recalled a Rivaldo who, in addition, praised Neymar's action in that penalty.

“Football is for smart people and if you are in plays like this, you get an advantage. In this case Neymar took advantage of the situation when they pushed him“said the Betfair ambassador.

“Maybe one day Isco will go the way of James”

Rivaldo also looked at Real Madrid to assess Isco's situation. Does the Brazilian believe that, if the midfielder begins to count with less importance, he could follow the path that his former teammate James Rodríguez has already undertaken, now at Everton.

“Isco has been fundamental in Real Madrid, but now that is not happening, so he could follow James' example. I wouldn't be surprised if he made a similar move. Seeing how James is doing how happy he is in EnglandYou may be thinking about it, especially if you start to see that he continues to play less at Real Madrid, “concluded the Betfair ambassador.


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