The presenter has opened up in an interview with maximum orchardone of the guests this Tuesday to his program Traveling with Chester. While is true that Risto Mejide He is the interviewer of the format, the former minister has managed to move him by talking about his beautiful relationship with his mother and he has ended up confessing: “I haven’t talked to mine for four years.”

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It all arose thanks to one of Huerta’s books, ‘Adiós, pequeño’: “It took me a long time to read it. You’re talking about your mother all the time… For those of us who are still fixing things with our parents, as is my case, that four years ago I did not speak to my mother, it has been an important host. It was difficult for me to move forward, “Risto revealed.

Very jealous of his private life, Mejide has recounted: “We had a very big argument four years ago and we stopped talking. And until today”, in reference to Roma, the two-three-year-old girl he shares with Laura Escanes. And she added: “She doesn’t know anything about me, about my recording plans or anything and today, precisely, she wrote me a message.” Huerta questioned: “And will you continue talking?” “I don’t know,” Mejide replied dejectedly.

The presenter has reflected on this delicate moment in his life: “I think I owe it to my daughter, because she does not know my daughter. As much as I have had differences with my mother, my daughter is not to blame: she has a grandmother. I am in conflict right now and even more so today that I have just received that message,” he said. “The thing about mothers there is only one is said for something, right? It is a figure that no one else can replace.”