The publicist blew out the candles on Tuesday and did so amid rumors of a new love after his separation from Laura Scanes last September. It is she precisely who has made the hare jump by giving ‘like’ to a comment on networks where they pointed out that Risto was already smiling with another. Mejidehowever, has been quick to deny it: “I do not go out with anyone.”

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the jury of Got Talent He has been visibly upset by the news that has been published this Tuesday in this regard and has used social networks to send a clear and blunt message: “Indeed, I am not alone, I have my family and friends. But I say it again: I am not dating anyone.” And he assures: “When I am, don’t worry, I’m not one to hide much either. With all due respect, right now, please, leave me alone.”

Despite the rebound, Risto has had a good birthday and has expressed it in a message to all his followers: “So far life has given me 48 years full of beautiful things. A family that loves me and supports me Two children who are my true and only loves. Faithful and loyal friends who are the best, the best. A profession that is my passion and with which I learn and enjoy every day. Sleeping without regrets or remorse or resentment. Being calm with myself. Live in peace. Love without haste. Write without pause. And health to enjoy everything. So I can only add: how beautiful life. And thanks to you for all your messages and good wishes. The best is yet to come Never doubt it”.