Shocked. There is no other adjective to describe how we have stayed after Laura Scanes y Risto Mejide, one of the most united and in love couples on the national scene – that’s what we thought – announced this Sunday their separation after seven years of relationship and a daughter of almost three in common.

“I don’t like goodbyes and I’ve been writing and deleting this post 82627292 times. I don’t think it’s a goodbye either because I know that, either way, we’re going to have each other forever. It’s been 7 wonderful years. Also But it has been a gift to share my life with you” published the influencer on her Instagram account, confessing that despite their breakup, “love does not end, it does not die” and she will continue to love Risto “for the rest of my days “.

“If I had to live all this and know what love is, it had to be with you. I imagined my whole life with you and you have made me believe in eternity” he added, ending his message by claiming the reality of his feelings: “I hope people could live and feel a quarter of what we have felt. That’s love.”

An emotional message to which Risto was quick to reply, thanking Laura for “these seven years, three months and twenty-four days”. “They have not been perfect, and even so, or maybe because of that, they have surely been the best of my life” he has admitted, acknowledging that “we have spent so much together and learned so many things (many good and others that I would have liked not to have to learn) that, before each one goes their own way, all that remains is to feel very grateful for the path traveled”.

“As someone once said, it was eternal while it lasted. I only hope that we are as good an ex as we have been as a couple. That we each know how to find the life we ​​want. And above all, thank you for making me Pope of Rome. That is un amor pa #toelrrato” he added, making a statement about how he wants his relationship with the influencer to be after his breakup.

A surprising separation after which Risto and Laura have received hundreds of messages of support from their followers, but also comments from their haters assuring that it was “something that was seen coming from the beginning” due to the 23-year age difference in the couple .

Some criticism to which the presenter, completely devastated and without hiding that “pain invades everything” at the moment, has responded this Monday through his social networks, opening his heart to reveal how he feels after his separation: “No I don’t even have the strength to respond to teasing”. “I wish they were right. I wish they weren’t talking about the most intense and lasting relationship I’ve ever had. I wish it wasn’t about the mother of my daughter. I wish everything was so easy,” he said hurt, without understanding the negative comments he has received after announcing their breakup.

In addition, and acknowledging that he feels in a “black hole that settles in your soul”, Risto wanted to thank “the affection” received by “those who respect us and cry for us”. “Thank you for understanding what a loss of this caliber means. Know that we cry together. I hope you’re right. I hope you get out of this too” he has concluded, hinting at his desolation after his separation.