Their love was broken. Through their respective Instagram profiles and with an image of both in black and white, Laura Scanes y Risto Mejide They have announced the end of their relationship after seven years together and a daughter in common.

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With total sincerity, the influencer unburdened herself with all her followers and reported the sad decision that both have made: “I don’t think it’s a farewell either because I know that, in any way, we are going to have each other forever . It’s been a wonderful 7 years. Also hard. But it’s been a gift to share my life with you.”

Laura has assured that “love does not end. It does not die. And I will continue to love you for the rest of my days. If I had to live all this and know what love is, it had to be with you. I imagined my whole life with you and you have made me believe in eternity”, making it clear that although their love has ended, they have lived unique moments: “We have fulfilled dreams, created a beautiful family and created our path together. I wish people could live and feel a quarter of what that we have felt. That is love”.

In addition, Risto has also taken advantage of the moment to express what he feels through his profile: “Thank you Laura Escanes for these seven years, three months and twenty-four days. They have not been perfect, and even so, or maybe for that reason, they have surely been the best of my life. We have spent so much together and learned so many things (many good and others that I would have liked not to have to learn) that, before each one goes their own way, all that remains is to feel very grateful for the path we have walked. sum. The good, the bad and the average. As someone once said, it was eternal while it lasted. I only hope that we are as good exes as we have been as a couple. That we each know how to find the life we ​​want. And above all, thank you for having made me Pope of Rome”, he concludes.