AL WAKRAH (QATAR), 28 Nov. (dpa/EP) –

Cameroon’s coach, Rigobert Song, explained this Monday that goalkeeper André Onana, excluded from the concentration of the African team, can continue with the team in the World Cup if he respects the rules after being removed for lack of discipline, for which he defended that “the team is above each player”.

“The position of the goalkeeper is important. But we are in the middle of an important tournament. And I know what I have to do: make sure that the team is above each player,” Song said at a press conference after the tie (3 -3) from Cameroon against Serbia, a match played by goalkeeper Devis Epassy, ​​after Onana was removed from the team due to disagreements with the coach.

However, Song told the media that the goalkeeper had understood his decision, and referred to “team spirit, discipline and respect” as basic points in the concentration. “I prefer to protect the group than the individual,” he added about the situation of André Onana who must respect the rules to “perhaps” return to the team.