Repeating offenses can be very dangerous for Athletic

The feeling that nothing has changed, even that the sensations have been twisted a little more, is nesting in a good part of the fans. The trend set in the final stretch of last season found a clear endorsement in the Granada meeting, where waterways were discovered that revealed an evident lack of concentration at the most inopportune moments, although as is the team of Garitano Any moment of zascas is the most annoying. Having seen the line-up against Granada, the feeling spread that the match that was seen was going to be seen, with the fear that something similar to the last league match in July would happen on the same stage.

The omens were fulfilled and the need for Garitano to give a style of play differentiated from the sweaty and at the same time effective that he has shown to date has been installed. If anything because a good part of the fans are not satisfied with the proposal or the rojiblanca mentality; if perhaps because he perceives that the canterana baking proposes an offer that is not very in line with what Derio's likes, although surely the coach also has a more elaborate style.

What, therefore, are those axes that are not generally liked? There are quite a few and to a large extent they have to do with the handling of the ball and with the little capacity that the team has to surprise. However, Garitano's guidelines have served the rojiblancos to almost reach Europe twice and be planted in the Cup final against Real.


It is not that the team is asked to elaborate from behind with distinguished touches, but at least it is possible to remove the leather in a more elaborate way, and not based on constant long balls that do not find much more than a hairstyle without an addressee to the to access. That the centrals make this move a common currency has its importance in times of trouble, but that it is done as a permanent resource is somewhat excessive.

It is also true that Granada's second goal was as a result of that request for a short game from behind. But it is not a contradiction to ask.


The profile set by the duo Dani Garcia-Vesga it foreshadowed what was about to happen. The creation was sacrificed for the benefit of a deactivation of a very physical Grenade. Unai lopez – It was logical that he did not play as a starter due to his lack of filming-, Vencedor, Sancet and Zarraga they show a profile of ‘gamers’ that hardly seems to find a place in the usual way in Garitano's plans.
Having a deactivation midfielder and another of more creation will be the bet of the coach. Two creatives at the same time as the younger homegrown players seems difficult. A bit of audacity would not hurt to create.


On some occasions, Garitano has admitted that the quality of the centers has left something to be desired, unfortunately for some forwards who are not well supplied. Than Black pudding take care of corner kicks, as has happened with Victor in preseason games, it's revealing.

The left-handed winger swelled to center without cutting a hair and with good touch at times. To this task all must be added, especially the midfielders, who must be asked for more arrival to the area. It is not valid only with a central sending long or Simó
n start the game from your goal.


On very few occasions Athletic de Garitano has been able to come back. The first slap translates into defeat in an almost inexorable way. It already happened in the final stretch of last season and this Saturday, more of the same. Despite the attempts to turn the tables, the predictability of the Bilbao game proposal against a close opponent does not contain a greater danger.

To this contributes, in recent times, that players like Williams, for example, and to a lesser extent MuniainThey have not been at their best. The media do not contribute much to generate play either.


After a great correction of the passage of a battered team, with two more than acceptable leagues and a Cup final, Garitano has the opportunity to modify – perhaps not in the most substantial way – the successful proposal from which he started almost two years ago. It has young players with self-confidence, verticality, touch and elaboration. It is already known that all at once cannot play because of the need for balance, but a little more courage would be welcome. Avoid the predictability of the game deserves to risk with a quality litter, although you have to go piano piano. And that the ‘deserving’ do not believe it too much.