On the long winter nights during your stay at the Derio Residence, you are sure to Alex
Remiro He visualized its premiere in San Mamés in many ways: with 50,000 people bursting the atmosphere, thousands of red-and-white scarves waving, making ‘arconadian’ saves, raising impossible hands and celebrating a long-suffering victory. Few people would be more satisfied than Cascante's after Real's triumph in Bilbao, but reality was not very much like his dreams. At the age of 25, he was finally able to make his debut at the Bilbao Coliseum in Primera – he had already played with Bilbao Athletic – and yes, he did it as he always dreamed: winning but with Real. Everything else failed him: there were no scarves, no screaming, not even people, nor did they allow him to show off because he didn't have to intervene. He did win, but in a placid way and wearing the shield of the crowned ball of the Real close to his heart, the team that truly trusted him.

Seeing himself, cold for not having to participate, enjoying the superiority of his colleagues, the undisputed starter and being the guardian of the third-placed team in the League, it was sure to be ratified in that the decision he made more than two years ago, the to change Real for Athletic, it was correct. And that had to pass those of Caín in his last year in the rojiblanco team, where he spent a decade, for not wanting to renew.

TO Remiro They did not shoot him between the three sticks, so he became one of the few spectators of the game – along with the substitutes, technicians and other employees present. His only action of merit occurred in the 17th minute, when he covered, very intuitively, a pass from the death of Berenguer, who had stepped on the bottom line.

It was also toned in a center of Yuri 11 minutes from the end, in which he had to place the body to avoid the auction of Black pudding. A great scare for the txuri urdin parish that was left to nothing because the play was invalidated by offside.

20 passes of 23 long

It is common to see Remiro show off your precise hit to jump the opponent's first pressure line looking for the sides glued to the lime line. But it is not so much to see him resort to long balls to the enemy field looking for the hairstyles of Merino and Isak. It was the Royal's way of protecting itself and avoiding losses in dangerous areas. In total he touched the ball 26 times and made 23 passes to his teammates, 20 of them long, with a 40% success rate.

In the theater of his dreams, against the team he aspired to play for for 10 years, Remiro He left his clean sheet for the eighth time in 17 league games, which he has played in full.


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