In the final stretch of the winter market, An opportunity has arisen for Atlético to reinforce the left back. The priority is the other band, specifically the signing of Daniel Wass, from Valencia, but at the same time he has tested Reinildo Mandava, of Lille. The footballer (he turned 28 yesterday) contract ends June 30, but the operation could be brought forward to this month if the clubs reach an agreement. In the last days there have been conversations between the entities.

Photo by Reinildo Mandava

Reinildo, a starter at Lille, is determined not to renew his contract and seek a change of scenery after arriving in January 2019. That is why, as he told The Team some days ago, Atlético asked about his willingness to arrive free in the summer. However, the footballer is ready to take the leap, but as long as Lille approves an agreement with the rojiblancos and takes an amount of money. They have not transcended figures of a possible transfer, but being free in five months, the French champion will not be able to ask for much. This Saturday he has a match against Brest (17:00), although he could be left out.

Fixed at Lille and in the Champions League round of 16

The Mozambican has played 17 games in Ligue 1, 6 in the Champions League, 2 in the Cup and the French Super Cup. That is to say, he is a relevant footballer at Lille, classified for the Champions League round of 16, which will play against Chelsea. A aggressive and iron defense, of a different profile to Lodi. Last season he was one of the sensations of French football and that is why he has more suitors, such as Lazio, Naples and some more of the first European order.

Athletic Shield/Flag

It so happens that Atlético has been following for a long time on the other side of Lille, the Turkish Clever Celik. And the conversations between clubs are fluid not only because of him, but because the footballer who defends the French goal is Ivo Grbic, on loan from Atlético. Reinildo is waiting, because the option of reaching Atlético seduces him a lot. And the rojiblancos, meanwhile, rush to reinforce the right side… without neglecting other opportunities.