Reguilón says goodbye to his “home” Real Madrid and “in love” with Sevilla

Sergio Reguilón said goodbye twice on social networks, which “will always” be his “home”, Real Madrid who entered with 7 years, and the club he has “fallen in love with”, Sevilla in which he was on loan last season and where his level led to a transfer to English Tottenham.

“Madridistas I want to thank you all for these years. I have learned to do the impossible possible. Since I was 7 years old, defending their shield. Real Madrid will always be my home. Thank you, Hala Madrid!“, he wrote about a video with images of Real Madrid, his successes and some of his actions with the first team.

With the same feeling Reguilón left his farewell to Sevilla, a team in which he triumphed last season and thanks to which he reached international status with the Spanish team.

I have to say goodbye to my Seville. I want to thank the club for trusting me, to my teammates, the coaching staff, the coach, and above all to the fans for the love and support“he wrote about an image with the recently won Europa League cup.

“It has been an unforgettable season and I have really felt at home. I have given everything on the field and I am happy and proud to have achieved the two great goals: the Europa League and qualification for the Champions League. I'm in love with the club and the city. Here you have one more sevillista. Let's go my Seville!“, he sentenced.