The season starts off crooked for Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool. After you have received the painful 7-2 loss to Aston Villa just before the selection break, the return of the same has not been satisfactory: neither by the result nor by the consequences. Virgil van Dijk's serious injury against Everton, who will have him off the pitch for most of the season, was not the only one who suffered the 'red' team, since Thiago was also hit on the knee after a hard tackle by Richarlison -direct red- and will be out in the debut of the Champions League against Ajax, this Wednesday.

Thiago Alcántara underwent some tests at the hospital this Sunday and, although a serious injury has been ruled out, it will prevent you from being in the game for the next few days. In fact, Richarlison himself apologized after the incident: “I have already apologized privately and now I do so here publicly,” wrote the Brazilian. “What happened today has been the cause of my dedication, I did not play that ball with the intention of injuring Thiago. When I saw that we were going to hit each other, I took my foot off and hit it with my knee, something inevitable due to the speed of the play, “he added.

Without the Spanish midfielder and without Van Dijk, whose knee injury was also confirmed this Sunday, Liverpool faces a decisive stretch of the season in which they will have to alternate the Premier League with the Champions League. The Dutch defender, indisputable since his arrival in 2018 for around 80 million euros, has been capital in the rebirth of Klopp's project and his absence presents a scenario never seen before in Liverpool: How to replace him? The ballots are held by Joe Gómez and Joel Matip, after Lovren left this summer, although the next option is to delay Fabinho's position until the defense.

For its part, Alisson Becker is still out. Despite the fact that the first diagnosis indicated a period of absence of “between four and six weeks”, the Brazilian goalkeeper has progressed “very positively”, in the words of Klopp. Adrián San Miguel replaced him in the bulky defeat against Aston Villa, also at Goodison Park, and is expected to do so for at least two or three more weeks.


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