The best / Llorente Vital goal and complete match of a Llorente eager to redeem himself

Sensational performance by Diego Llorente, crowned with the second goal, 0-2, ultimately vital to take the victory. The defender proved to enjoy a superior physical point and that allowed him to always anticipate the forwards and succeed in aerial duels. It also went to stop at Asparagus with fault. In the offensive chapter, he was successful in 90% of his 54 passes, among which three were long, touched, inside, towards Isak First and then Willian
Joseph, the connection that the Real needs so much to work. Before his header from the corner kicked by Oyarzabal, the first on his account, had had another opportunity in a corner kick.


He successfully diverted the two distant missiles from Ontiveros, one at the bottom corner and the other at the front. Very safe with the feet.


Ontiveros made him sweat, looking for his back and making him run inside, but he took the measure and chose the climbs very well, some with dribbles, and two with good centers to Monreal and Willian
Joseph. Very whole and fine at the end.

Le normand

It was another very complete game, bold to anticipate and very close to Niño outside the area. He cleared the last corner of the yellow, but grabbed Albiol and they could call a penalty.



It is very noticeable when it is he who covers the left flank. Allowed zero licenses to Moi and he could even stop the fast Chukwueze until the 1-2 play. He made Asenjo shine with a header.


Maybe he lacked some oxygen in the end, but he gave a whole distribution and recovery clinic to prevent the rival from contras. With the ball, he got between the centrals and was brave, breaking lines while driving and looking for the vertical pass to Odegaard. Good help to the sides.


His talent is still there. With less spark and continuity, without repris to go after the dribble, but with all his football and effort to receive between the lines and those robberies to the driver of the ball. He put the corner of the 0-1, his sixth attendance in League.


He saw the yellow in the 2 ’and drove with lead feet to avoid being sent off. Fatigue shows, but his work is vital: he won all the hairstyles and had time and space to distribute with the interior.


It was bad on the right, where it never works and it was a machine for losing balls; but it was intoned, as always. He left a great head ball to Barrenetxea, served the corner from 0-2 on Llorente, in his 11th attendance of the course in the League and avoided his fifth yellow card.


It lasted 45 minutes and they took away from the break, to dose it. But he had time to show his credentials, with two clear occasions, a left-footed shot in the middle of the turn and a header with which he made Asenjo shine. Pure poison.

Firing pin

He lacked the magic and mischief of the previous game, but he struck from the left with his penetrations and his footsteps that bitter his pair. Close up of head scoring after leaning on Oyarzabal. It went high.

The changes

Willian José

He had one and scored it, held the ball, forced corners … Great.

For your

He forced the two corners that were the two goals and gave a constant exit to the ball.


Tremendous minutes of strength. Close to dial.


Chukwueze it was not done.


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