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Real Oviedo loses and life is complicated

Gabby Barker



Cruel defeat of Oviedo in the Tartiere against Alcorcón (1-2). The 0-2 of the first half was an insurmountable slab for an unrecognizable team the first 45 minutes and in the seconds put everything to tie, although it lacked success.

The start of the match was exciting and in two minutes the Alcorcón had already advanced on the scoreboard. Before the local team could do it in a clearance of the goalkeeper who hit Ibra and left over the crossbar. The visitor also came in a rebound from a side center, which ended at the feet of Stoichkov, which brand-free beat Lunin.

The stage of the game changed completely with the visitor advantage. The initial drawing of the Alcorcón with three centrals and a very populated center of the field made more sense before a Oviedo more forced to go for the tie.

In the center of the field Tejera received the ball to start the game, but found no pass lines before the yellow jam and ended up, again and again, sending back. The bands did not arrive and the Alcorcón was comfortable.

Even those of Fran Fernández had some against to make the second one, like a play by Mula, who shot cross, but Lunin managed to reach the corner kick.

The game was a love and not power of the Rozada who came only to where the opponent left them and were not able to create anything dangerous The team had no ideas in the center of the field to get to connect with the two strikers who were they killed to run at all and hardly intervened in the game.

The Alcorcón was so comfortable that it dared more and more to jump on the goal of Lunin, who had much more work than Dani Jiménez in the first half. In one of those attacks came the action of the second goal. A deep ball to Stoichkov allowed him to appear before Lunin, who knocked him down. Initially the referee annulled the play for offside, but after consulting the VAR he pointed out the penalty spot, from where Stoichkov himself transformed by deceiving Lunin.

The result reflected at rest the reality that was seen on the field, a Oviedo that was never in the game and was always in tow of the rival. The only recourse of the blues was to give the ball to Saul Berjón and to try something. On several occasions he managed to draw centers, but found no auctioneer.

Fran Fernández clearly won the game to Rozada with the approach, dominated the center of the field and from there the game that was always where the visitors wanted.

The blues never found the rapid transitions that are one of their best virtues. On the right Nieto and Sangalli were not able to overflow on any occasion and in the center there was no way, since Tejera was the only one that was offered, while the rest of the companions were static and without seeking to associate with the Catalan.

Only in a couple of actions with the ball stopped, the Carbayones, a Chilean by Christian Fernández and a Luismi header, were disturbed, but both times the ball went over the crossbar.

In addition, in defense the problems increased with the surging visitors who earned their backs to the center of the field and in a few passes they appeared before Lunin, who had a pair of stretches to avoid more goals.

On the break Rozada left Sangalli in the locker room and gave Borja Sánchez entrance to play in the midfielder, Rodri went to the right wing. In the first minutes of the restart there was an exchange of blows, with occasions for both teams, but without success in the auction.

The blues came more than in the first half and the chances followed. The risks that the team took back were quite a lot, but at least, the game was played in the visiting field.

The blue pressure was awarded a penalty by David Fernández, which the referee said after consulting with the VAR, which transformed Ortuño, who had left the field a few minutes earlier.

The blue harassment intensified and the situations of danger were happening before the goal of Dani Jiménez, who saved the team several times with great interventions. In the middle of an untidy party, the ovetenses imposed their greatest thrust before the fear of losing that began to appear to the potters.

The occasions were happening, but the success in the auction and the goalkeeper thwarted all the occasions The corner kicks were not found auctioneer and the clock played against the blues that ended up dying on the shore.

Data sheet:

Real Oviedo: Lunin; Nieto, Carlos Hernández, Christian Fernández, Mossa; Sangalli (Borja S., m. 46), Luismi, Tejera; Berjón; Ibra (Ortuño, m. 61) and Rodri (Bárcenas, m. 80).

AD Alcorcón: D. Jiménez; Pomares, Diéguez, David Fernández, Adot, Arribas; Boateng, Luis Perea, Mula (Elgezabal, m. 71); Romera (Ernesto, m. 58) and Stoichkov (Laure, m. 84)

Goals: 0-1 M. 2: Stoichkov; 0-2 M. 38: Stoichkov, penalty. 1-2 M. 66: Ortuño, of penalty.

Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo (Castilian-Manchego College). He admonished Mossa (18 '), Sangalli (32') and Christian (35 '), of Real Oviedo; and to Perea (40 '), Diéguez (49'), Pomares (54 '), David Fernández (56') and Arribas (63 '), from Alcorcón.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the 28th day of the League played at Carlos Tartiere before 18,028 spectators.

Gabby is someone who is interested in all types of sports, she loves to attend watching matches live. Whenever there is a match being played in her city, she makes sure to get the tickets in advance. Due to the love for sports, she joined Sportsfinding, and started writing general sports news. Apart from writing the news, she is also the editor for the website who checks and edits every news content before they go live.

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