“Real Madrid should kiss the ground where Bale steps on”

After several days of silence after the loan from Bale to Tottenham, his agent has finally reappeared and done it to shoot him Real Madrid with some forceful statements against the club chaired by Florentino Pérez: “Real Madrid should be kissing the ground where Bale steps,” he said. Jonathan Barnett.

In statements collected by the English newspaper The Telegraph, the representative of the Welshman ensures that his career in the white team is over, leaving open the possibility that his loan to Tottenham is extended beyond the year of assignment foreseen in the operation. It was agreed that his career at Real Madrid was over, so it was pretty easy once we realized it was serious. It was an accumulation of a clash of personalities, of not being supported … it was a lot of different things. For someone who has done as well as he has done with Real Madrid, did not get the respect he deserved and that was a big problem. With what he has achieved for Real Madrid, he should be kissing the ground on which Bale walks. “

“It was agreed that his career at Madrid was over, he did not receive the respect he deserved”

Stay at Tottenham

The 31-year-old Welsh player remains a Real Madrid player until 2022. The loan is for one year and Madrid pays half the player's chip, which amounts to 30 million gross per season. However, his agent already handles the option of extending the loan at Spurs: “The most important thing is that you enjoy your football and that you are playing well. As long as that happens, everything will be fine. He is a mature man now and knows what he wants out of life. He is probably the most successful footballer Great Britain has produced., and there are many things that he still wants to do with his life, so we will have to wait and see. “

Other offers

“We had other clubs interested in Gareth, maybe bigger clubs than Tottenham, but he had to be happy with where he went and I think he is now,” added his manager. “It was quite an easy decision, because Tottenham is his love, he loves Tottenham and at the end of the day it is what he wanted. Good to see him happy. If he was going to move this summer, it was just to a place where he could smile again. and being happy, he wasn't going to move just for the sake of it. “