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Gareth Bale already has a destination. The Welshman will go on loan to Tottenham de Mourinho for a year and the English club will assume approximately 50% of the tab that Bale has at Real Madrid.

The white player will head to England in the next few hours for the London club to make the transfer official, as the player's representatives have assured El Larguero.

This is how Gareth Bale's problem he advanced Jesús Gallego in Hora 25 Deportes uncovering that Real Madrid was considering giving him up and that today it is confirmed with this information that Anton Meana has advanced in Hour 25 with Pepa Bueno.

The last episodes of the Welshman off the field had sapped the morale of the merengue fans, who throughout his time as a white player have been whistled on many occasions. His intention to add minutes in addition to his null relationship with Zidane they have been key in the player's movement.

The events were precipitated in just days. The player's agent at the BBC assured the intention of starring in a movement in the market towards his former club, which he considered “home”. Finally, Gareth Bale will be a Tottenham player this season. Real Madrid has closed its exit, in which the Londoners will pay, approximately, 50% of salary he has with the whites and also becoming the highest paid footballer of the Spurs.

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