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Real Madrid-Celta Madrid steps on a Mine

Gabby Barker



The one hundred point champions are over as the video clubs are over. The new era will be full of matches like Saturday at Camp Nou or east of the Bernabéu, in which Celta, who came to the game in decline and left out of it, showed that he lives up to the League. Madrid sent more than finished, issue that has been pending for a year and a half, left two points and has Barca back in the cogote.

In a way away from his style, with an unusual collectivism, almost a rarity in the house, Madrid has survived the two months and peak without Hazard, the player who must bring spring. He returned without anesthesia, in the initial eleven, and before Celta, a team that lives clearly below their means. A racehorse among workhorses. One of those teams whose elegance makes them especially vulnerable in the south of the table. Hazard's was not Zidane's only surprise, determined not to leave anyone behind either in advance or withdrawal. So he repeated with Bale, a matter of faith in which he is about to be left alone, and gave the game to Marcelo, relegated by a side of suture like Mendy, threatened by four yellow. But Bale and Marcelo are so far from themselves.

A melodic alignment that He soon encountered the adversity of a Celta goal. A goal that deserves a separate chapter for its accuracy. Aspas put a deep pass through the eye of the needle and Smolov only needed two master touches to beat Courtois: control in the race and a shot placed. Until then, Madrid had not managed to filter a pass in that lag of five that Oscar Garcia takes under the arm to the big stages, although he was recovering soon, accelerated the circulation of the ball and moved the Galicians from band to band. Celta reached the goal without the ball. And without the ball he then defended halfway between accumulation and order, with some parenthesis of Rafinha, the best out of the Galicians, and Aspas, an exceptional player inside and outside the area.

Madrid threw the tick of the thick days: send centers to the area incessantly, many to Tuntun, tired of not finding roads below. And so the thing does not go beyond inviting Ramos to change area, something that does not need to insist too much. A strategy for Jovic … without Jovic. Hazard entered and left the left, Bale did not move from the right, Benzema was drowned in that defensive mash and the thrust of the flyers was insufficient.

Oscar's decisive changes

So Madrid went to rest with a huge ball, a clear conscience in recovery and two distant auctions of Casemiro and Marcelo and a closer and higher Bale, after combination Hazard-Benzema, society that promises. But he missed Modric and Isco, players who break lines, and Vinicius.

The Celtic, on the other hand, boasted central and wisdom of Rafinha, a reference midfielder, definitely the team's beacon. And he regretted not going to rest with more advantage because Courtois was feline in a header from Aidoo at the exit of a corner. That shot would have killed Madrid.

The second part returned to the team Zidane some verticality and good sense in the game, although it began with a goal annulled to Ramos, self-proclaimed nine of the team. But the somewhat valid had a very different style, in a combination Benzema-Marcelo and delayed pass of the Brazilian who Kroos finished with surgical precision, which has scored more goals for Celta than any other team. The wind change of Madrid came inspired by the German and Casemiro, lighthouse and lighthouse keeper. They took the ball and breathing from Celta and the others walked for the cause.

In a few minutes Madrid culminated the comeback. Benzema put a pass through the gorge to Hazard which he was barely getting and no goal option when Rubén ran over him. Ramos penalty and goal of Ramos, this time in natural luck.

Oscar put Sisto, elf and trasto in one body. Y Alberola lent a hand to Madrid by forgiving Bale's red for a foul entry to Rafinha. Only then was Celta what it looks like, a team full of good foot players. Madrid felt threatened and Zidane ended up putting Modric, a player with enormous magnetism in the center of the field. A match killer. And then to Mendy. But Celta did better with the changes. Two substitutes, Denis Suárez and Santi Mina, pin and executor, hung the tie medal, to confirm that the equipment is not what it seems in the table.


Pione Sisto (54 ', Kevin Vázquez), Denis Suarez (69 ', Fedor Smolov), Vinicius Junior (72 ', Hazard), Modric (80 ', Kroos), Santi Mina (82 ', Filip Bradaric), Ferland Mendy (83 ', Bale)


0-1, 6 ': Fedor Smolov, 1-1, 51 ': Kroos, 2-1, 64 ': Sergio Ramos, 2-2, 84 ': Santi Mina


Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas
VAR Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero
Olaza (56 ', Yellow) Bale (71 ', Yellow) Carvajal (73 ', Yellow) Okay Yokuslu (75 ', Yellow

Gabby is someone who is interested in all types of sports, she loves to attend watching matches live. Whenever there is a match being played in her city, she makes sure to get the tickets in advance. Due to the love for sports, she joined Sportsfinding, and started writing general sports news. Apart from writing the news, she is also the editor for the website who checks and edits every news content before they go live.

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