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Real Madrid – Celta: Applause and silence from the Bernabu in honor of David Gistau | LaLiga Santander 2019

Gabby Barker





The stadium, before starting the match against Celta, kept a minute of silence for the columnist of EL MUNDO.

Madrid players keep a minute of silence for Gistau.

The last time he saw David Gistau Real Madrid, his Madr, was the night he was injured Eden Hazard, at the end of November before the PSG. The next morning, the EL MUNDO journalist crossed messages happy about the game, the change of air of the team and the deployment of the Belgian, bright until his ankle was broken in the second part. Always on guard, he worried about the final parade against the French (tie two) despite the great game. As and all, and observing the trembling pulse of Bara, he dares to look bravely at the wandering classic, scheduled for a few weeks later at the Camp Nou. It was not necessary to explain why the great duel of the League had been taken from the hot October in Catalonia. He saw live Urquinaona burn.

Topic a MessiOf course, but I thought it was the year to win at the Barça stadium. To the classic unfortunately I was already late, passing away last Sunday. The friends had whispered, next to the bed, about the kick of Valverde in the Supercup, a canchero resource that they believe would have excited him, for his Argentine love. Curves of destiny, this Sunday Hazard returned to the Bernabu, after almost three months off, the day the Castellana stadium had a minute's silence for the columnist. A black and white photo of Gistau appeared on the stands of the stands, while the stands began in applause when the megaphone announced the tribute. Behind the palms, the respectful silence. His wife was in the box, Romina, and his two oldest children, Luca Y Leo. With them, Francisco Rosell, the director of EL MUNDO. Real Madrid wanted to honor one of its most important chroniclers of recent years, a follower in addition to the team since his childhood, when he discovered the charm of Chamartn in the European nights of the eighties. Of those heroic comebacks, Gistau always qualified in his texts that, although smeared with pica, were nothing other than the arrangement bound to the first leg disaster.

This Sunday to Madrid he had no choice but to pull the kidneys from a very early age, because of his psima presentation before Celta. I left without the tension that his coach always claims and paid for it immediately. Smolov found holes in the defense, well unmarked and fine in hand to hand with Courtois; 0-1 and if it's not for the Belgian, the cornada could have been much worse. His popcorn in the last minutes of the first part avoided the second Galician goal.

Francisco Rosell (left) accompanied
Francisco Rosell (left) accompanies the widow (last right), Romina, and other relatives of David Gistau in the Bernabu box.J. Barbancho

The early visitor scare left shivering whites, run over in the colorful attack raised by his coach. Bale, Benzema and Hazard sounded great on paper, with the return of the Belgian as a great surprise of the eleven holder. He launched it from the beginning Zidane, but when the meeting went uphill, it was difficult for the star to find spaces between the reinforced light blue. Madrid accumulate arrivals to the area but more from the push than from the sensibility. With something more order and Celta noticing the push, managed to tie, thanks to Kroos.

It is curious his goal scorer with the vigueses. Of the 14 goals he has been in the League, in almost six seasons, six have been against the Galicians. In fact, I already scored in the duel of the first round. A spectacular zambombazo from outside the area. He was about to beat again to Rubn White, before Hazard took a penalty out of nowhere, when the ball is lost along the baseline. The Belgian took a great ovation to retire, 2-1 up and his own. Sergio Ramos executed from 11 meters.

But as he spent on his last night at the Bernabu, the last of Gistau with his Madr, without Hazard in the field, the rival returned to draw.

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