The Real Madrid is meditating to recover the Real Madrid C who disappeared in June 2015. According to the Grada Siete website, the white club would be talking to the CDE Madrid 2021, owner of the plaza with which Fuenlabrada Promesas has competed this season. Although, on the other hand, Real Madrid could also buy a place in that category. At the moment, the white club would have already informed the Madrid Federation of the idea of ​​recovering its C team.

The Real Madrid C he would play in the Third RFEF and from the sports management of the white club they see in this new team, a springboard to go to Castilla, in the First RFEF. And it is that the players go from Juvenil A to Castilla, a very big jump, and that new team would serve as a step to the first white subsidiary.

Candidates to train this new team are already beginning to sound. Tier seven points the name of Victor Gonzalez, former Móstoles coach who this week announced his departure from the Mostoleño team and who was targeting Real Madrid’s Juvenil B. Hernan Perez, who trained Juvenil A and will be replaced by Dashboard, could also train Real Madrid C.

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