The injury of Carvajal It is the number 51 suffered by the Real Madrid squad this season. The white team is, by far, the one that has suffered the most injuries in this league championship. They are followed by Barcelona, ​​with 35 and Villarreal, with 34, according to a report by Miguel Aguilar, a Cope journalist on injuries in La Liga this season.

To those 51 injuries we must add the absences that Zidane has had for him coronavirus. Whether due to positives or close contact with positives, the Real Madrid coach has had 57 casualties this season.

Without a doubt, injuries are a very serious problem and more so in a squad as short as Real Madrid, with 22 players. In january they left Odegaard and Jovic Y Zidane has had to use the quarry to replace his departure and on more than one occasion, to complete a call in which the coach had 13 first-team players.

The only ones who have not been injured this season have been Courtois and Lunin. Although the Belgian had a scare with his team, in the end it was not an injury and he was able to play. For his part, Lunin gave a false positive for Ukraine, but was left in a fright.

Looking ahead to the next season, Zidane and his coaching staff must be very attentive to physical preparation and recovery to solve a problem that has become a plague in the Real Madrid dressing room.

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