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Real Madrid 1×1: Hazard hopeful, Bale desperate

Gabby Barker



Courtois: Little can be blamed on Smolov 0-1, it was sold and covered as the Russian's shot could. He saved Madrid in the first half with a stop at the top of Aidoo that would have meant 0-2. Mina's 2-2 also caught him sold, with no room for maneuver.

Carvajal: as usual, omnipresent in attack, although little harmful, failing the centers. Although Bale helped him very little to appear in attack in advantageous positions. Mina got away in 2-2, he had to close it with more fortitude.

Varane: serious error in the 0-1 of Smolov, that pass was his thing and he measured badly, it happened close and did not cut the assistance of Aspas. He suffered to contain Moaña and the Russian, although he gained security over the minutes. Well at the start of the ball, especially when Madrid launched into the attack in the second half. In 2-2 it also gave the feeling that that pass line was his, although only Denis Suarez imagined that pass.

Bouquets: The 0-1 also caught him off-site, with the rear open, although the major responsibility went to Varane. In the second half he scored two goals, although only one went up to the scoreboard: first he was knocked out for offside, well marked; Then he scored the 2-1 penalty, a luck in which he has been infallible. He claimed a penalty in the extension that Alberola Rojas did not grant.

Marcelo: surprising its alignment, with Mendy with four yellow and the Classic two days away. Celta's goal came by his flank, although he cannot be blamed for great responsibilities. He improved the tone of the last matches in attack, combining well with Hazard and Benzema. He served Kroos 1-1 with a good pass to the front of the area. Green sprouts for the Brazilian.

Valverde: discreet Uruguayan party in attack, did not show much his deployment or his arrival, although the back of five Celtic men did not help him in that regard. In defense, as always, very intense to raise the pressure.

Casemiro: something heavy with a ball, although with a lot of security. Far from his best version, he tested his good shot in the first half and he had little to score a goal, but his shot went high.

Kroos: the German was the best white midfielder, long. Very safe with the ball, rising to the first white pressure and venting with your changes of direction. To this he added his good punch to score the 1-1, despite doing it with his bad leg, the left. His hit was excellent. Good commitment in defense. He left by Modric, cheered by the Bernabéu.

Bale: It hurts to see him roam the countryside. His first part was dismal, without overflow or danger, but also without attitude, oblivious to what was happening on the grass. It worsened every ball that came to him. Something Zidane must have told him at the break, as he improved ostensibly, pressing much harder on Celta's possessions and looking for Benzema with more zeal. Even so, very little of the Welshman, who took the yellow for an ugly entry over Rafinha. He left in 84 ’for Mendy to enter. The Bernabéu fired him with a mixture of whistles and applause, showing the division between the fans: between those who believe there is still a player to rescue and those who believe he has lost all credit.

Benzema: little danger of the French during the 90 minutes, which still showed good chemistry with Hazard on the left side. Out of his boots came the ball that ended in the penalty that Ramos would make 2-1. But the center forward of Madrid must contribute more in attack, left no notable shots saved in the prolongation, when he had two occasions: on one, he riveted horrible after a good chest control; in the other, his left-footed shot was cleared by Rubén.

Hazard: the best white attacker, despite leading without playing since he was injured against PSG on November 26. Its ownership surprised by premature, but proved justified. The Belgian wore rhythm, overflow and quite daring, well above the level with which the course began. He lacked release more at the auction, had chances and did not take advantage of them. But he provoked the 2-1 penalty, taking advantage of a somewhat brownish Ruben. He left his place to Vinicius in 74 'and the Bernabéu recognized his great game, which anticipates much more on his part.

Vinicius: it came out in 74 ’by Hazard. On the left, he sought to extend the white game with starts, although without much luck. Zidane corrected him more than once. He left to the right, where he could not shine either.

Modric: entered 82 ’instead of Kroos. Something was wrong with their snatching in dangerous areas, the party asked for pause and touch when it came out.

Mendy: entered 84 ’by Bale. He left to finish tying the triumph and found himself face to face with Mina's draw. He tried on the left in the short time he had.

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