Real and Athletic will not meet in the semi-finals of the Super Cup

Real and Athletic they will only face each other in a hypothetical end of the Saudi Super Cup. This is clear from the competition regulations that establish that the two finalists
19/20 Cup They will face each other in the semifinals with the champion and the league runner-up respectively.

The only qualification included is that if the 19/20 Cup final is
to play
before of the celebration of the Spanish Super Cup (from January 13 to 17), the champion of the KO tournament he would face Barcelona, ​​second classified in the League, and the runner-up butler would play against Real Madrid, League champion.

In the event that, as it seems, the 19/20 Cup final is not played until April 4, a draw would be made to match the semifinalists of the Super Cup but always facing the representatives of the Cup, Real and Athletic, with those of the League, Madrid and Barça.