For a long time, due to an extra coronavirus, a battered psoas, a traitorous soleus, the alignments of the Madrid They are a Frankenstein. It was that of Getafe, with five midfielders and no midfielder, as a result of presidents falling in love with the former and being wary of spending money on the latter, and that of Cadiz.

This time the defense is less disfigured and the three centrals seem obliged if the full-backs are Odriozola Y Marcelo. Neurons are missing in the center of the field. With Benzema, the two most transcendent players of the team are out: Kroos Y Modric.

Fortunately for him Madrid, the Cadiz he will give him the ball and the two absences will not jeopardize White's dominance. But that also has a catch: armored teams are less chewy for Madrid than those that play in the open field. At least this time it has Casemiro Y Benzema, an essential part of the spine, and a team with more resources remains. And pulls a second midfielder, the castillista White, to make sustainable that 3-4-3 that is expected.

Luis Nieto, chronicler of Real Madrid in AS.