Vallecas was once again a party. This time it began with a penalty from the magician Trejo, continued with a header from a worker Ciss and ended with the blow from Falcao. El Tigre did not need more than ten minutes on the grass to see the door and round off his debut with the Strip. Rayo showed that their previous home win against Granada was not a mirage and is walking steadily through Primera, while Getafe is unable to get off the canvas. The azulones have forgotten to win and have their fifth consecutive defeat.

The game was moving between the illusion of the locals and the need of the visitors. Ingredients that shook him from the first moments. It did not take Getafe two minutes to break the ice and almost the wood, where a direct foul by Ünal crashed. The response of the franjirrojos did not wait and Soria had to intervene to stop a header from Saveljich.

The game continued, but something had happened. Nteka remained lying on the ground. The origin was in a blow of Djené in the face of the rayista and Cordero Vega went, minutes later and alerted from the VOR room, to review the action on the monitor. The referee signaled a penalty and showed the yellow to the blue central, although Baby also took her because of the protests. Trejo did not fail and overtook the locals from eleven meters, as he already did against Granada. He has two goals and both from penalties in Vallecas.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Meanwhile, bad luck continued to feed on Getafe. To that disputed maximum penalty against, was added the injury of the one who was being his fittest man in the league start, Jankto. He was stuck in the grass and immediately noticed that his left leg had been broken. The getafense could not continue and He had to go out on a stretcher, between gestures of pain and the ovation of the stands. The visitors did not let go. Aleñá tried from afar and Ünal – the engine of his team – again from set pieces. Later, after a corner, Cuenca tried again. Water.

The intensity was high and the pace, frantic, especially the cards. Chema, Damián, Olivera, Saveljich, Comesaña … There was no way the game would flow and Míchel's men bet everything on strategy. However, that plan did not worry Dimitrievski excessively because the Lightning one was paying off. And this one passed through Trejo. Once again he was the lighthouse of the Strip and the magician who pulled class when the number required it and rolled up his sleeves if it was necessary to fight. Time passes by his boots, but not by his legs. The Chocota he scored Getafe in his first game in the First Division – at that time he was playing for Mallorca, April 8, 2007 – and did it again in his hundredth in the top flight.

Cordero Vega's earpiece delayed the start of the second half. For which Míchel arranged two changes in order to revive his midfield. Only two minutes were played before the referee stopped the duel again due to technical problems. Getafe took the ball and painted in a different way, weaving plays against some franjirrojos well planted behind, which thwarted the danger of Macías.

Getafe Shield / Flag

An offside prevented Saveljich's goal from going up to the scoreboard, although it served so that the fouls and the interruptions left room for the game and the chances. Madness was coming. Soria spoiled Catena's head goal and, shortly after, Falcao's moment came to the joy of the stands. Iraola put more dynamite and the duel exploded. The Colombian, practically in the first ball he touched, forced a corner that ended up heading Pathé Ciss directly to the back of the goal.

But no. The contest was not over. El Rayo was breaking down and Falcao – barely ten minutes after debuting – showed that he is still the king. He unchecked himself, stepped on the area, raised his head and shot Soria to the delirium of the Rayista parish. On a day like today, a decade ago, he made his debut as a scorer with Atlético and signed a hat-trick against Athletic. The Colombian has not lost his sense of smell back then and now promises many joys in his new home.

And although many thought that this was the end, there was time for more. Cordero Vega reviewed a Balliu action and ruled a penalty. There, Dimitrievski became giant and stopped Ünal's launch. The locals were able to extend their advantage, with a launch from Ciss, but the scoreboard no longer moved. After nine minutes of addition, the duel ended, but not the party because the illusion has been established in Vallecas.


Vitolo (13 ', Jakub Jankto), Jose Macias (45 ', Chema), Florentine (45 ', Juan Iglesias), Alvaro Garcia (53 ', Baby), Falcao (70 ', Randy Ntekja), Unai lopez (70 ', Trejo), Bush (71 ', Mathías Olivera), Jonathan Silva (71 ', Aleñá), Sergi Guardiola (88 ', Isi), Mario Suarez (88 ', Comesaña)


1-0, 8 ': Trejo, 2-0, 77 ': Ismaila Ciss, 3-0, 80 ': Falcao


Referee: Adrián Cordero Vega
VAR Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández
Baby (6 ', Yellow) Djene (7 ', Yellow) Chema (17 ', Yellow) Damien Suarez (37 ', Yellow) Mathías Olivera (40 ', Yellow) Saveljich (41 ', Yellow) Comesaña (47 ', Yellow) Fran garcia (45 ', Yellow) Alena (65 ', Yellow) Enes Unal (82 ', Yellow) Balliu (84 ', Yellow) Ismaila Ciss (93 ', Yellow) Jose Macias (94 ', Yellow