End of the season for Real Madrid Castilla and Raúl's first adventure González Blanco in command of a high-level team. Today, the technician He has met electronically with his footballers and coaching staff to thank the effort of the previous months and take stock of the course. All of them agreed in regretting that the season has come to an end due to the circumstances and not having been able to play the final days.

However, Castilla's feelings have been positive. The white subsidiary has closed the season in seventh position of Group I of Second B, just five points from the Peña Deportiva, which will play the promotion Playoff. Yes, Raúl's team has been criticized for the lack of regularity. Capable of the best and the worst, he closed his last two games with a score of 4-0. Before Coruxo it was translated into victory; against Pontevedra, in blushing defeat.

Shield / Flag RM Castilla

Raúl has won a draw in his debut with Castilla, in a year in which he has touched all possible fronts. For example, the initial swing of Rodrygo between subsidiary and first team or serious injuries. It couldn't help much either Reinier, which arrived shortly before the suspension became official. Still, the coach has been consistent and even with all voices pointing out that the regular season would not resume, he urged the youth squads to telework to be in tiptop condition.

An irregular Castilla

It even came close to descending positions, but the truth is that Castilla was going up. This is marked by the classification and the three victories and a draw in the last five games. It was not an easy path: Gelabert suffered from physical problems; Rodrigo Rodrigues broke the meniscus; Pedro, the crusader … Pablo Alfaro defined it as a team that “everything can come out fantastic one day and another be very minor“. An x-ray that could well explain what has been the first Castilla de Raúl, who had honey on his lips. Positive conclusions.