Marcus rashford has come to his defense in recent weeks for racist insults, hoaxes and other media attacks to which he has had to face. The defeat of the English team in the final of the Eurocup against Italy and its failure in one of the penalties of the shoot aroused criticism towards the player.

This Tuesday, Rashford posted on his Twitter a thread of tweets defending himself against accusations of “benefiting commercially” from agreements with companies, according to a report published by The Spectator. “I just heard that The Spectator plans to tell a story about how I have benefited commercially in the last 18 months … To clarify, I do not need to associate with brands. I join because I want to progress in the work I do off the court and most of the fees I would receive contribute to that. “

Thousands of people pointed directly against the British site and supported the footballer's gesture, who told how he helps those most in need: “Last summer 1.3 million children had access to food support, through my relationship with Burberry, children have a safe place to be after school where they will be fed, after the November investment … Children vulnerable have safe places to go on this summer vacation and, thanks to my relationship with Macmillan, 80,000 children now have a book that they can call their own. “

“Do I have a bigger commercial appeal after the U-turns? I'm sure. But I'm also an international footballer for Manchester United and England. Why does there always have to be a reason? Why can't we do the right thing? “, said the player, who has received the support of millions of people and even a mural with his face was recovered by a group of fans who put up posters and banners with signs of affection towards him.


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