40 – Advert. To the corridor proper of Raonic. Third break ball for Djokovic

40-40 One other nice proper of Raonic to deceive Djokovic. Deuce

40 – Advert. To the community the ball of Raonic. New break ball for Djokovic

40-40 Go proper Raonic! Stunning rally between the 2 that ends with the cannon shot of the Canadian

30-40 Nice volley of Djokovic on the web. Break ball!

30-30 Nice proper now from Raonic, not possible for Djokovic

15-30 Raonic's ball stayed on the web

15-15 Raonic responds with one other nice proper!

0-15 Nice proper of Djokovic! To the Raonic serve

1-2 Recreation for Djokovic, who’s forward on this second manga!

30-40 The identical for Djokovic

30-30 Djokovic error

15-30 Raonic's good level

0-30 The identical for Djokovic

0-15 Djokovic level

1-1 Recreation for Raonic! The Canadian closes with a brand new ace

40-15 Raonic level

30-15 Ace for Raonic

15-15 It’s matched by Djokovic

15-0 Raonic level

0-1 Recreation for Djokovic! The remainder of Raonic left the corridor

30-40 Ace for Djokovic

30-30 To the online the ball of Djokovic

15-30 Djokovic level

15-15 Raonic error

0-15 He touched Djokovic's ball on the web and left outdoors

Take out Djokovic

4-6 POINT, GAME AND SET FOR NOVAK DJOKOVIC! Raonic's ball goes into the corridor and Djokovic takes the primary set 6-4

40 – Advert. New set ball for Djokovic

40-40 Raonic saves

40Advert. Double lack of Raonic. Set ball

40-40 Raonic saves her! Nice proper to which Djokovic is amazed

40 – Advert. Nice proper of Djokovic. Second set ball!

40-40 Raonic error

Advert. – 40 The remainder of Djokovic didn’t enter

40-40 Raonic saves her with a fantastic first serve

40 – Advert. Djokovic's nice blow that Raonic returns to the online! Set ball!

40-40 Raonic error! Djokovic remained nearly not possible and the Canadian left his volley on the web

40-30 Raonic hunted Djokovic on the web

30-30 New level for the Canadian

15-30 Good a lot now from Raonic

0-30 New for each the Serbian

0-15 Djokovic level

4-5 Recreation for Djokovic! Very strong Serbian on the service

15-40 Good first serve by Djokovic

15-30 Massive hit now from Djokovic

15-15 Nice Canadian two-handed setback

0-15 Raonic error

4-Four Recreation for Raonic! The Canadian's ball went to the road and the Serbian returned it to the online

Advert. – 40. Nice serve and proper of Raonic to win the purpose

40-40 To the corridor Raonic proper! The Canadian rushed on that climb. Deuce once more

Advert. – 40. The remainder of Djokovic is gone

40-40 Raonic error now

Advert. -40 One other nice Raonic serve not possible for Djokovic

40-40 Raonic ace to avoid wasting the break. Take 5

30-40 Raonic's ball goes off after a spectacular Djokovic race to avoid wasting a ball he touched on the web! Break ball!

30-30 He despatched it to the Raonic community when he had the whole lot in favor!

30-15 Very lengthy the remainder of Djokovic

15-15 Level now for the Canadian

0-15 Raonic's double foul

3-Four Recreation for Djokovic! The remainder of Raonic goes off

40 – Advert. Nice serve by Djokovic, not possible to subtract for Raonic. In

40-40 Save the break with a fantastic serve. Deuce

30-40 Djokovic error! Break ball for Raonic

30-30 Djokovic's blow stays on the web

15-30 Go proper from Raonic! The Canadian coup is unappealable

0-30 Out the very pressured remainder of Raonic

0-15 Djokovic doesn’t yield along with his serve

3-Three Recreation for Raonic! The Canadian closes his serve with a brand new ace

Advert. – 40 Benefit for Raonic

40-40 Djokovic's left is on the web. Deuce

30-40 Go the wrong way up with two arms of Djokovic! It's break ball

30-30 Take out direct from Raonic. Canadian third ace

15-30 Go take off Raonic! Djokovic's very pressured balloon didn’t enter

0-30 Nice proper of Djokovic!

0-15 Unhealthy Raonic volley

2-Three Recreation for Djokovic! Raonic's ball stayed within the internet!

0-40 Go proper from Djokovic!

0-30 New for each Djokovic

0-15 Djokovic level

2-2 Recreation for Raonic! Djokovic's ball stays within the internet

Advert. – 40 Now Raonic proper entered. Benefit for the Canadian

40-40 Raonic's ball out. Deuce

Advert. – 40 Ace for Raonic. Second straight kick for him

40-40 And the Canadian saves her! Djokovic's balloon left lengthy

40 – Advert. Raonic out! He tried to maneuver Djokovic however his ball went into the corridor. Third break ball

40-40 Within the corridor the remainder of Djokovic. Deuce

40 – Advert. Raonic's volley is out! New break for Djokovic

40-40 Save the break with a fantastic first serve

30-40 Raonic's ball goes out! Break ball for Djokovic!

30-30 Raonic's proper stays on the web

30-15 Raonic takes the cannon for a stroll once more. 226 km / h!

15-15 And now, double lack of Raonic

15-0 Take out direct from Raonic. The Canadian account begins

Novak Djokovic's tribute to Kobe Bryant

1-2 Clean recreation for Novak Djokovic!

0-40 New level for Djokovic

0-30 The remainder of Raonic is gone

0-15 Djokovic kick-off

1-1 Recreation for Raonic! New Djokovic ball to the online after one other exhausting blow from the Canadian

40-15 It has a Raonic cannon. New Canadian proper that Djokovic responds to the community

30-15 Nice Raonic proper not possible for Djokovic!

15-15 Within the corridor the ball of Raonic on this change

15-Zero Nice Raonic serve and higher proper after the pressured remainder of Djokovic

0-1 Clean recreation for Djokovic

0-40 Good left from Djokovic that Raonic doesn't attain

0-30 Good serve of Djokovic

0-15 Djokovic level

He began the sport on the Rod Laver Area!

Skip the monitor Novak Djokovic!

Greetings and good morning! Welcome to the Live broadcast of the Australian Open quarter-closing match between Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic