Ramos and Lucas Vázquez explode in the stands with the penalty to Clerc

The Real Madrid-Levante has been loaded with controversy. In the 62nd minute of the match, Medié Jiménez whistled foul just on the edge of Vinicius's area on Clerc. Cuadra Fernández, from the VAR, corrected the referee and indicated the action within and, therefore, indicated that it should be sanctioned with the maximum penalty. Roger subsequently missed from the penalty spot for a fantastic stop from Thibaut Courtois.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Cuadra Fernández indicated a penalty, without the referee going to see it on the screen. In principle, the Real Madrid players protested the action, but not effusively. Nevertheless, They went crazy when the reply from their teammates came from the stands. Especially from Lucas Vázquez and Sergio Ramos.

Both, outside the call, watched the game from the stands and with television screens to see the play in more detail. After seeing the lack of Vinicius, they began to shout to the field of game, considering that this was inside. That led Modric, Kroos or Karim Benzema to go to Medié Jiménez angrily and ask him to go see the play on the screen.

In fact, the Real Madrid players pointed to their teammates in the stands as the main argument in their complaint. With their arms they indicated that if they saw on television monitors that this action was outside the areaThe logical thing is that he would have gone to the screen to see it and that it was not a simple indication of Cuadra Fernández. However, Iturralde González explained in Carrusel Deportivo that since it is not an interpretable play, the decision made from the VAR prevails.