The Provincial Court of Madrid will judge the bailaor from Granada Raphael Bitter as of next Wednesday for the alleged commission of a crime against public health for the alleged sale of narcotics in his own home to third parties in a “persistent” manner in exchange for money.

The artist, who is facing a prosecutor’s request for nine years in jail, is currently being investigated by the Madrid Examining Judge number 27 for a crime of drug trafficking and assault on authority, following a complaint filed last July by his neighbors in relation to the alleged sale of drugs in his apartment on Espíritu Santo street in the capital.

For these events, he was arrested last March in Alicante, being provisionally released. The judge imposed the obligation to appear biweekly in court and the prohibition to leave the country. This arrest is added to the detention of the case that is now being tried in the Madrid Court.

Amargo was arrested on December 1, 2020 along with his partner and two other people in the framework of ‘operation Codax’, whose name means raven in Latin and is nicknamed that way because of an image of Amargo on his Instagram in which he appears with some wings of this species of bird.

After declaring, those arrested were released with precautionary measures such as the withdrawal of their passports, the prohibition to leave the national territory and the obligation to go to court every fortnight.

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In his indictment, the prosecutor requests the same penalty for Juan Eduardo SB., Amargo’s production assistant, by allegedly acting “jointly” with the other defendant in the purchase and subsequent distribution of said substances.

In his account, the prosecutor reports that, during the months of April and December 2020, both “had been dedicating themselves in a concerted and persistent manner to the distribution of narcotic substances, among other methamphetamine, to third parties in exchange for money.”

In the case of the dancer, the agents intervened 3 cans containing Popper substance (alkyl nitrites), a small bag containing a substance that turned out to be phenylethylamine with a net weight of 0.089 grams and a bottle containing 6 milliliters of GBL with a market value of 314.19 euros in its sale by grams.

In the case of Juan Eduardo, the agents found a bottle containing a substance that turned out to be methamphetamine, with a net weight of 4,466 grams and a purity of 76.4%, with a market value of 115.67 euros in its sale for grams; a bag containing a substance that tested positive for ketamine, with a purity of 50.4%; and MDMA with a purity of 6.9% with a total net weight of 0.185 grams with a market value of 18.5 euros when sold per gram.