Outraged and embarrassed. This is how the Granada-born bailaor finds himself after being arrested last Thursday in Alicante, accused of an alleged crime of drug trafficking. It’s the second time in two years and Raphael Bitter (48), who has been released without bail but with charges, does not give credit: “I am sore, sorry”has said.

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“After two and a half years with impeccable conduct and living a minimal, tiny life, of being able to survive to be able to work the minimum, as I am doing in restaurants and in very small places to be able to eat and be supported by my parents and by the apartment that I sold, that after three months they do this to me…”, he lamented on the program On everyone’s lips. “This arrest… They could have avoided this way because I’m at my parents’ house, locatable. So, I’m not fleeing or fleeing. What do they want, kill my father, kill my mother? This “Why? Why so much evil if they know that they won’t find anything here? Nothing more than a person who is undergoing treatment, which I consume when I can because now I don’t even have to eat. My parents support me.”

Amargo, who was arrested minutes before going on stage, insists, as he has for years, that there is a “black hand” that wants to finish him off: “Now what I need is to have an escort, someone who is next to me because they’re going to mess me up and they’ve already told me, to be careful because they’re looking for me. They themselves, who already have an obsession. It’s the second time they’ve released me without bail and that’s what they don’t can afford. They want war and they want to see me trampled on.”

The artist affirms that everything is revenge: “The arrest on which they are based is on a false complaint. This is from the apartment that I bought when I sold my house, which was for rent with the option to buy. When the first six months passed of the rent and I had to make the first large installment, since I didn’t have it and I couldn’t keep it, I told him that I would only keep it for rent until I had money to buy it. And the uncle already told me that he needed the money and let me go.” And he added: “Since I didn’t leave, because people are so miserable, it’s based on the misery that one has. If you don’t leave, well, you’ll see how quickly I’m going to say that you’re going to leave there. You are going to leave there because I am going to say that you are there selling drugs. Because when you have a problem, people prick you and leave you with that problem because it is that miserable. And it has been the same.”