The life of the Granada-born bailaor has become a true nightmare since he was arrested in 2020, accused of being the alleged leader of a drug trafficking network. Last week he was arrested again in Alicante, in the middle of the street, and after spending two days in jail he was released without bail. Raphael Bitter he has defended his innocence from day one and speaks of a “black hand”. To prove it, this Thursday he has revealed a new and surreal episode of this strange plot: Four police patrols appeared at his Madrid home in search of a body.

It was last December 17, 2021. His case had already passed the investigation process and was awaiting trial (which will take place next June). Rafael Amargo continued to live in the supposed drugstore when he received a message from an acquaintance on his mobile phone: “You’ve shot my brother to death just now, haven’t you?”. The individual claimed that Luciana, Rafael’s wife, had told him. He denied everything: “But I don’t even know who your brother is.” Nervous, he tried to settle the issue: “If you keep saying nonsense, you’re going to look for a problem.” “You are going to find yourself a problem, because you have my dead brother in a bag,” the individual replied, as shown by the audios and messages that Amargo has delivered to the program. On everyone’s lips.

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Finally, four police patrols showed up at Amargo’s house who, at first, refused to let them carry out a search of the house: “They did not bring a warrant or anything. They say that an uncle had called saying that he had heard shots in my house”, says Rafael. In the end, to avoid further problems, he lets two of them in (“one who was from my town and the other who was very handsome”), who search the entire house without obviously finding any corpses.

The artist recorded part of the police action: “Before they left, of course I began to record it, because when in doubt, since they had no order or anything…”, he says. “We are already scared in this way that they treat us, they stop you without a warrant, they send you four cars home… What do they want? What do they think? But please…”, he laments desperately.

A few days ago we collected a list of irregularities in the last arrest of Amargo. As we said, it was in Alicante, where the bailaor went to work when he has his registered residence in Madrid. He was not, therefore, the jurisdiction of the agents who arrested him, the same ones who had done it in 2020 in the capital. During the struggle, Amargo’s cell phone disappeared and despite his insistence on getting it back, he still doesn’t have it. Police say they know nothing about the device.