Rafael Nadal y Xisca Perelló They brought their first child into the world on October 8. Since then, little Rafa has been the great joy of both of them. The tennis player, during his new tour, has talked about his wife’s pregnancy, which was somewhat complicated by the admission she suffered in the final stretch of her pregnancy.

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“I have gone through difficult physical moments and complicated moments in my wife’s pregnancy. I have needed matches in recent months,” the tennis player acknowledged in Buenos Aires, where he begins a tour that will also pass through Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

The man from Manacor is aware that his life has changed as a result of the birth of his firstborn: “I was a father relatively recently, I don’t know how it will affect me in the 2023 calendar… You have to adapt.”

In this sense, the number two in tennis (behind the Murcian Carlos Alcaraz) has clarified that he will do everything possible to continue at the top: “My first objective is to spend more time on the real circuit. I will work in the way that we think is convenient. With the confidence and illusion of moving forward” .

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As parents that they are, Rafa and Xisca are fully invested in the upbringing and the first months of their son, but this does not make them put aside their commitments and projects. As we told a few days ago, they have brought to light their own personalized perfume, which is marketed by the well-known French company Henry Jaques Perfums. For now, it is only available in the brand’s stores at prices ranging between 550 and 1,100 euros.