The average of the “Querejeta era” is a coach and a half per season. The president of Baskonia is the largest shareholder of the football team since he became involved in May 2011. What was a poisonous commission since the club was bankrupt, with debts and in Second B, became the income mine for the whole group. He took it out of the third level, cleaned it up and now all fronts drink from LaLiga's television income. Of those monies and many others but, basically, from football. And if it goes down to Second, everything deflates.

Alavés Shield / Flag

But maybe With the mentality acquired by basketball, Josean Querejeta has made 16 movements on the bench during ten years: their coaches have been Luis de la Fuente, José Carlos Granero, Natxo González, Juan Carlos Mandiá, Alberto López, José Bordalás, Mauricio Pellegrino, Luis Zubeldía, Gianni De Biasi, Abelardo Fernández, Asier Garitano, Juan Ramón Muñiz, Pablo Machín, Pitu Abelardo in his second stage and, since Monday, Javi Calleja. Javi Cabello's interim on occasion must also be computed.

The guard, who had to be reprimanded on Sunday for a tackle to a rival, you can play in San Mamés because the record was confused and awarded the warning to Duarte. The central hand will therefore be available for Lane. It was Laguardia's fifth yellow card. The one who is serious doubt is Facundo Pellistri, with a fiber break. The normal thing is that he does not play like Rodrigo Ely, that the anterior cruciate ligament was torn and had already been operated on Barcelona of that serious injury.


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