the comedian Miguel Hectorartistically known as What what, has been summoned to testify for a possible crime against religious sentiments. The lawsuit against him, filed by the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyershas been admitted for processing by the Court of Instruction number 10 of Madrid.

In the order, they allege that Quequé’s statements “present characteristics that suggest the possible existence of crimes of harassment and against religious sentiments.”

All as a result of the statements that the humorist offered in June on Cadena Ser: “Enough of pretending that this is beautiful, hosts. The Valley of the Fallen is fucking shit. Why don’t we go in there with dynamite and blow it all up If it can be a Sunday, better. If it can be this… You can be a face, but is it really beautiful in the Valley of the Fallen?

The former collaborator of Buenafuente already spoke about this controversy after the collection of signatures that Abogados Cristianos initiated to cancel the program for incitement to hatred.

After this movement, he encouraged his followers to “demand the fundamentalist organization Christian Lawyers to eat their ass and eggs.” He called them a “gang of criminals” and encouraged his listeners to call Christian Lawyers by releasing the following phrase: “Is this what the Christian Lawyers are about? Well, will you grab me with your hand?” The calls were abundant, to the point that the association disconnected the phone.